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Abstract Background
Alliance Relationship Management as a Service is a niche outsourced service covering all aspects of cloud alliance partner program management
Abstract Futuristic Background
Who is ARMaaS™ For?
*CSP Cloud Service Providers/Hyperscalers
  • Have one of more CSP partnerships/consume the cloud that the CSPs offer – industry agnostic – product or service organizations
  • Using any of the CSP cloud to build and service their end clients, i.e. MSPs, Sis, GSIs, ISVs
  • Startups, born in the cloud and looking to scale, and fast
Why do I need ARMaaS™?
If the answer is YES to any of the questions below then ARMaaS™ is for you. 

Want to exponentially grow the top of your sales funnel? Generate net new leads?


Want to receive ALL the discounts, credits, incentives, $$, MDF (Marketing Development Funds) from your Cloud Service Provider?


Want to jointly run marketing campaigns with the CSPs?


Want a joint Goto Market with the CSPs?

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