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Robotics Process Automation

Industry - Healthcare 
Company Size - 10K+ Employees
Region - North America



The client, a large medical device company based in the US in the process of setting up their RPA COE picked their initial processes for automation including their payroll process. The automation of this process resulting in 70% reduction of manual process and a 60% cost reduction with a high improvement in accuracy.  

The Challenge

Payroll processing can pose several challenges for businesses, ranging from compliance issues to other hurdles such as: 

  • accurate calculations of wages, taxes, and deductions 

  • Integration across legacy tools, ERP and other systems 

  • Manual processing resulting in human error reducing accuracy  

  • High attrition due to the mundane nature of the tas  

With COVID changing the world and WFH being the new norm, the complexity of some of the payroll calculations only increased for our client. They were looking for a solution that would mitigate some of these issues if not all.  

The Solution

Automated 90% the payroll process to extract employee data from timesheets and HRIS, calculate wages, taxes, and deductions, generate pay stubs and reports, and update employee records in the HRIS and accounting systems.  

The Outcome

  • Accuracy: Error rates in payroll processing were reduced by 60%, leading to improved data accuracy and compliance with regulations. 

  • Efficiency: Efficiency increased by 70%  

  • Cost Savings: The company realized cost savings through increased productivity, reduced errors, and streamlined operations. 

  • Employee Satisfaction: Happy employees able to focus on other meaningful tasks and learn new skills by managing the RPA bot for their process.  

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