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Abstract Background

Salesforce Marketing Automation

Industry - Consulting 
Company Size - 500 Employees
Region - North America

Technologies - SFDC, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS


Complex and successful integrations with Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud to streamline the pre-sales process for Sales Team members for a leading Advisory Firm.


The implementation resulted in:

  • Seamless lead gen process and automation of leads in SFDC

  • 80% time reduction by sales team members in gathering data for targeted pre-sales activities

  • High visibility reporting

The Challenge

Cumbersome and time-consuming pre-sales activities


With a rapid growth plan in the near term the Firm had hired several sales team members for aggressive sales and had all the necessary tools at hand. However, with the lack of connectivity and automation the productivity of the team members was showing low results. The challenge was to create a seamless process to convert cold leads into warm and hot prospects to be then passed on to Sr. Sales Directors.

The Solution

Fully integrated and automated SFDC solution with multiple 3rd party applications


Having analyzed the process and tools in use with SFDC being the CRM; a seamless process was designed to feed leads generated through email marketing resulting in website visits to feed directly into SFDC. The leads were then allocated and assigned to sales team members based on company size, annual revenue and industries. An automated calling list was generated for each sales member at the start of each business day to conduct pre-sales activities using an automated dialer integrated with SFDC. Reports were generated daily detailing the days productivity.

The Outcome

The automation of this process resulted in building a highly efficient pre-sales process that provided high-visibility of pre-sales activities and results. The daily reporting feature was a valuable tool for sales manager to analyze and guide the team members on their productivity and results.  

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