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Operations SWAT Team

Operations SWAT Team – Service Excellence​

Transforming Operations from Red to Green: In the fast-paced world of services, operational challenges can arise unexpectedly. Our Delivery SWAT team specializes in stepping in when the stakes are high, turning red operations to green with swift and effective interventions. We deploy a multidisciplinary team of experts who excel in root cause analysis, crisis management, and solution implementation. Our approach is laser-focused on restoring operational efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction, preserving your organization's reputation – leading to growth and use cases.​

At The TDIT Group, we recognize that account growth is more than a business objective—it's a collaborative journey towards mutual success. Our holistic approach to enabling account growth is underpinned by strategic insights, technological acumen, and a relentless commitment to excellence. With our support, your organization can unlock its full potential, create lasting partnerships, and consistently surpass growth expectations.​

Why Choose Us?

At the TDIT Group we have a specialized Delivery SWAT team, who are experts in converting red operations to green with nimble and impactful interventions. Our cross-functional specialists demonstrate exceptional proficiency in identifying underlying triggers through methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean Management, Kaizen, Generative AI, and more. They have successfully orchestrated numerous turnarounds, showcasing adeptness in managing crises with finesse and executing solutions seamlessly. Our unwavering focus is to reestablish operational efficiency, ensure end customer delight, which in turn leads to stronger relationships and growth.  ​

For the world’s largest search engine and advertising company, Dipankar and his team helped dark red support operations turn into dark green. KRA’s were added to capture data, which was in turn fed into a machine to sharpen ML (Machine Learning) and drive agent behavior.​

All this was done at multiple operating sites, across LatAm, EU and Asia to standardize processes and ensure the same exceptional end customer experience.​


Contact us today to embark on a transformational journey that will reshape your organization's trajectory and unlock your organization's true potential.​

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Why Choose Us?

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