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Salesforce Implementations

Salesforce Implementations

Whether you're embarking on the implementation of a new CRM, transitioning from your current CRM to Salesforce, or seeking a new partner to oversee your existing deployment, TDIT possesses the expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your Salesforce requirements from start to finish.

Your Journey?

New CRM Implementation

We assess your current CRM requirements and processes to identify the most advantageous solution, considering factors such as functionality, and enduring business value.

New Implementation

CRM Migration

CRM Migration

We have the expertise to migrate your outdated CRM, including all customer data, to Salesforce. Our primary emphasis is on preserving data accuracy and minimizing business disruptions during the migration process.

Salesforce Maintenance

We have comprehensive management services to ensure that your Salesforce deployment is always up-to-date and functioning smoothly. Our team of experts can modify features & functionality as your needs change.

Salesforce Maintenance

TDIT Salesforce Cloud Expertise 

Salesforce Cloud

Customization and Configuration

Tailor standard Salesforce (SFDC) capabilities to meet specific needs:

  • Customize fields and layouts based on user roles.

  • Implement Apex customizations for enhanced functionality.



  • Integrate third-party solutions seamlessly with your current platforms.



  • Data migrations from existing platforms to SFDC 


User Training

  • Build training manuals and videos for easy employee adoption 


Post Launch Support 

  • Fine tuning

  • Ongoing maintenance and customization

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