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Buzz words and Generative AI in the services Industry

Like me, anyone who has lived and worked in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley for a long time, cannot ignore the tech talk and the buzz words, which is unique to the valley. Which is why the bay area is an aspirational ‘address’ for all startups.

Since 2010 till date, there have been many such buzz words, i.e. IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data etc.

The buzz: While we all understand these terms better NOW, viz:

Integration of IoT (Internet of Things) devices generates vast amounts of data – and while our mobile devices too are IoT devices, folks and governments are starting to use IoT for smart homes and smart cities.

Big Data analytics is crucial for extracting meaningful insights from the massive datasets – and only recently, with the mobilization and operationalization of the Cloud (more in my next blog), are we scratching the surface on the ways to use Big Data and the vast data lakes that have existed for quite a while now.

The service partner/vendor ecosystem:

Service partners aim to solve specific client challenges, offering specialized solutions. While, from a client’s lens, their ‘right to play’ was always what ‘value’ their partners/vendors brought to the table, hopefully, both for the client and the clients end customers, today, with the advent of bleeding edge tech, it has become almost mandatory that the service organizations have a chalked-out roadmap, which includes BOTH Tech and the right Manual interventions.

While service partners need to look at becoming the ‘one-stop-shop’ for their clients, given the evolving and dynamic tech stacks today, key would be to leverage the right partnerships and dipping into the partner ecosystem. Partnerships enable a more holistic approach to problem-solving and solution delivery, and this is true for any kind of service, i.e. tech support, tech build support, customer experience, decoupling and building the optimal shared service, banking, and financial services etc.

A personal pertinent example: I was fortunate enough to ink a deal with the world’s largest social media organization in late 2020. My services organization would support the client by doing egregious content moderation support for them. While this was a super exciting, a multi-year, very large deal and it meant setting up offices eastern Europe and Africa, providing employment to many, our agreement and promise to ourselves was that we would make sure that the mental health of the ‘Guardians’ (a term I coined as the folks who keep us, our children away from content which is not meant for them, guard our planet and are the first line of defense) would be most important to the client and us. We agreed that apart from psychologists being onsite, we would need to leverage Tech – so I got us to

partner with 2 of the Big 3 public cloud providers to look for answers on how AI and ML could help do the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd levels of filtration before any content requires a manual intervention….

The good news – given the need, the grit and grind of certain organizations, also driven by the demand from clients, we have come some ways from AI/ML to Generative AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) still play a pivotal role in adapting to the 'new normal' while Generative AI adds a creative dimension, allowing systems to generate content autonomously. (In my next blog – Generative AI for Content Generation, Automated Customer support, Product and Services Innovation, Personalized Recommendations, Automated design and creativity, Training and Development, Cybersecurity and

Threat Detection, Dynamic Pricing Strategies, Supply Chain Optimization)

What to watch out for in the very near future: Services organizations need to strategically leverage generative AI to address complex challenges. The focus should be on how generative AI can be a more holistic solution rather than just a technological tool.

Identifying where services organizations invest and play in the generative AI space would be crucial to drive Generative AI - 2.0. This strategic decision will influence the investments and shape the capabilities of the Big 3 public cloud providers in the AI domain.

More power to the service organizations, services partners to drive this next wave of change!!!!

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Gaurav Goel
Gaurav Goel
Nov 29, 2023

This insightful post brilliantly navigates the tech landscape, from IoT to Generative AI. Your personal example adds a human touch, showcasing the profound impact of tech evolution.

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