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My Wix Journey

It had been a while since I gotten my hands dirty to build something on my own. Having conceptualized and start two businesses on my return to India we needed websites. 


Back in 1999 from writing HTML from scratch without knowing what your page is going to look like when you hit that refresh button, darn I missed closing the <td> tag, why didn’t I indent better to see what starts and ends where? - To 2024 and the multitudes of website builders which need little or no programming skills at all. 


So what do I use to build these websites? Do I get on to Dreamweaver, what about Wordpress? 

After doing a fair amount of research I shortlisted on the WIX Platform and built two websites. One with eCommerce capabilities and the other a company profile website. 


From my journey & perspective here are my list of Pro’s and Con’s 



Intuitive and ease of use 

Tons of templates to choose from

Inbuilt SEO Tools

Builds a mobile friendly website which requires minimum tweaking

Tons of app integrations to take your website to the next level 

Payment Gateway integration was a BREEZE 

Great Analytics and Real Time traffic feature



Free or Paid Plans, Wix does not have the capability of multi level navigation menus and no plugins for the same

Overall menu organization was a bit tacky 

Once you choose a template you cannot change it without building the site from scratch


Wix is a great platform for starter businesses and to build something quick and at lower costs. If you are looking for more customization and advanced functionality Wordpress would be the recommended solution.



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