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Wix vs Shopify for eCommerce Stores

Having setting up eCommerce stores on both platforms there are several things that stand out. Both platforms have the functionality to set eCommerce store fronts fairly easily and integrate with payment gateways and other 3rd party tools seamlessly. So why choose one over the other?


While Shopify offers a 3 month plan for only INR 20 / USD 1 per month the monthly cost goes up to INR 1,994 / USD 29 on month 4. The 3 month INR 20 offer is already down to a one month offer  for the India market. 

Wix on the other hand has no promotional offers at the time of sign up and a basic eCom plan runs the same as Shopify at USD 29 per month. However, for the Indian market the same plan is ONLY INR 399 a month vs. INR 1,994 for Shopify. 








INR 20/ USD 1 for 1st 3 months

Base eCommerce Plan

INR 1,994 / USD 29 per month

INR 399 / USD 29 per month

Ease of Use:

Now this may be personal opinion, however the Wix user navigation, look and feel is way more evolved vs. Shopify. I got lost a LOT on Shopify vs. Wix. But maybe that’s just me. Overall the intent of both platforms are to provide ease of use. It takes time to navigate and get accustomed all features and functions of both platforms. 


This one was one the most apparent differences between the two. Wix has a WAY better CMS that Shopify does. While Shopify focusses primarily on the eCommerce functionality it looses out on the features of a CMS. Wix win’s this by far! 


This one goes to Wix too - many more free design theme options than Shopify. Shopify has limited free options and as soon as you begin to touch paid themes you’re talking INR 12K plus / USD 180 plus. 


Both have plugins to connect to Google Analytics. However, again the inbuilt Wix analytics feature is much more advanced than the Shopify inbuilt feature. The real time analytics on Wix is very informational and allows you to track your live visitors with the needed information.


Here both tools have a good module to load and manage your products and categories. Customization of products, custom based pricing, stock inventory etc. They both have it all. 


Shopify being the more popular start up platform for an eCommerce store has a lot more 3rd party plugins. Wix has 300+ integrations and there is a chance that when you are looking for something specific you may not find in the Wix app store vs. Shopify. 

Bottom Line

While both are great platforms it depends on what your end goal is. 

If you are looking for a pure eCommerce store, products, order management, specific integrations  - do your research and most likely Shopify will be the answer. 

On the other hand if you are looking at a more content heavy site with basic eCommerce functionality, Wix would be your best bet. 



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